Component. Seal. Bearing.


Pump Products provides engineered compressor parts to replace or upgrade your reciprocating compressors. Special alloy materials can be offered depending on the gases compressed and existing material used.

– Compressor Valves
– Pistong Rings
– Rider Rings
– Rod Packings
– Oil Scrapers
– Pistons
– Piston Rods

AIR and GAS Reciprocating Compressors for all industries.


SCENIC has succesfully developed cartridge seals which can be easily installed and has superior performance. It can also supply wear-resistant materials and various seal components. The unique design of SCENIC cartridge seals means that it can be installed in almost all pumps. These advantage of using SCENIC cartridge seals is that, it substantially reduces the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

Most parts of the seal are also interchangeable.

Mechanical seals, Sealed pumps, and Petrochemical industry applications.


Since 1912, Messinger Bearings has designed bearings to fulfill the specific requirements of a given application, rather than expecting customers to design their machines around stock bearings. Messinger specializes in large, custom or unique rolling element bearing for field devices operating in harsh environments. In many cases, Messinger designed the original OEM bearings, and has shop drawings on hand to ensure drop-in compatibility.

In addition, Messinger can provide a perfect match for competitive replacements and can cross-reference part numbers to simplify ordering and installation.

Custom industrial bearings, Rock crushing, Pulp & paper, Missile systems, Antenna/radar positioning, Catapults, Elevators, Anchors and aircraft arresting gear for aircraft carriers, and Transport crawlers for space vehicles.