Our Products


Sundyne Pump products consists of Centrifugal and Rotary Positive Displacement pumps. Centrifugal Pumps are kinetic machines converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy through centrifugal motion. The broad use and application of centrifugal type pumps across virtually every manufacturing and process industry in the world makes Sundyne centrifugal pumps essential for process and general industry applications. Their direct drive and integrally geared configurations leaves them as the best choice in the industry.

Sundyne Compressor customers are among the who’s who of the Fortune 500. Typically used throughout gas processing – natural gas, off shore, refining, petrochemical, chemical, and power generation industries; Sundyne compressors lead the way in adding value and reliability to specialized compressor parts for process industries.

The Sundyne Compressor line consists of legacy 300 series of Single-Stage compressors, the Pinnacle LF-2000 line of Multi-Stage compressors, and the Sunflo Blower line. Sundyne centrifugal compressors have many advantages over traditional reciprocating positive displacement compressors.

Sundyne Corporation compressors are (API-617) compliant and deliver oil free, pulsation free flow in a small, compact design. Centrifugal compressors have fewer rotating parts so that they require less maintenance and save you money over the product’s total life cycle.


The Sunflo High Pressure Pump product line harnesses high-speed technology and advantage in pumping packages suitable for the HPI, CPI, and General Industry.

Used by OEMs and end users alike, Sunflo pumps are in service around the world – typically used in Boiler Feeds, Reverse Osmosis, NOx Suppression, Washdown, Injection, Seal Flush, and Condensate Return applications.

Available in close-coupled, frame-mount, or base plate configurations, you can count on Sunflo pumps to get the job done!


The new line of pump products from Marelli serve the refining, plant desalination, water injection, powergen, mining, petrochemical, off shore, crude oil, synfuels, and high-pressure general industries.


Sundyne Sealless Non-Metallic Magnet Drive Pumps from the ANSIMAG® family. The Ansimag product line is simple by design. All wetted parts are non-metallic to safely handle a generous range of corrosives and solvents up to 250°F (121°C) without corrosion.

Sundyne innovative rear casing generates no eddy currents thus eliminating heat generation and reducing energy costs. Since Ansimag pumps are magnetically driven and sealless, there are no leaks, no emissions, no costly seal maintenance – no problems!


HMD/Kontro Sealless pumps are specialits in the providing of magnet drive centrifugal pumps. Meets API 685 latest edition. HMD Kontro is the first to introduce sealless pumps, with their permant magnet drive over 50 years ago. For Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Site utilities industries and application where performance and environmental integrity are important.

HMD/Kontro provides an extensive range to suit all your needs. Using the very latest in magnet drive technology HMD/Kontro is able to offer the sidest selection of Sealless pumps on the market, with the ability to adapt these to suit specific requirements.